Preparedness is the key to success in a Hostile Cyber environment…

Cyber post 2

The Average cyber liability claim costs between $900K-$1M! 


Equifax Security Breach; 143 Million Impacted!

143 Million Impacted ;30 Lawsuits pending

It is going to get worse! Many #homepolices have #IdentityTheft protections. Call before you have a claim, 848-303-5973.  Most homeowner’s policies give the option of having Identity Theft Coverage up to $15,000 or more.

If a member is a victim of identity theft, a fraud specialist, partnering with your Insurance Carrier, will assess the situation in detail and work closely with the member to resolve the identity theft crisis by:

  • Taking immediate protective measures to prevent the damage from spreading to other aspects of the member’s identity
  • Preparing notification materials
  • Coordinating communications with creditors, government agencies and law enforcement agencies
  •  Helping with the appropriate law enforcement agency to file a police report, as well as help organize information prior to filing the report
  •  Preparing and sending a copy of the Identity Theft Affidavit
  •  Offering the option of enrolling in added monitoring services to help track changes to the member’s identity, credit and account information
  •  Acting as the main source for questions, guidance, comfort, and helpful information regarding the status of the case
  •  Educating the member on additional steps to help avoid recurrence of identity theft in the future
  • Reimbursement for legal fees, lost wages for hearings, copies, mailings and many other features.

There is no way to prevent the threat of Identity Theft, but you can be prepared if it ever happens to you! Call 848-303-5973 (if viewing on mobile device) or email me at, even to just verify you coverage.