Complex Technology and Manufacturing Risk managed by Conover Beyer Associates

Technology businesses are rapidly growing in today’s society because of the high demand of continuously improving tech. One of the benefits we can offer in our technology coverage is our highly competitive form, or policy coverages. Our technology E&O coverage is a separate limit from the general liability (not a shared limit), and we will not attach professional exclusions to your general liability coverage.

We compete regularly with the most-established markets in the industry and our book of business has delivered excellent returns. We specialize in telecomm operations, wholesale electrical parts and equipment dealers, and information technology services of various kinds.

We are also experiencing strong growth this year in computer and circuit board manufacturing, process control equipment and instruments, computer systems design, installation and integration services and computer consulting.

We come to your office and do on-site visits to get to know your staff, identify potential hazards and risk exposures, and evaluate your risk avoidance techniques, i.e. your safety program and OSHA compliance. These are value-added services with no additional cost to you.  To learn more about our available Technology Coverages call or email Gonz at (848) 303-5973 or


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